2008 Challenge, week 4

  2008 Challenge, week 4 So, this week has been completely soggy here in Southern California. It has rained SOOOO much. I wanted to capture our muddy agricultural world.

One week left, until the February Challenge

Well, the February Challenge is just around the corner. We’re all getting ready to practice our Color Theory ideas. What are you thinking about shooting? I’m thinking about some landscapes, READ MORE →

2008 Challenge, week #3

  2008 Challenge, week #3 This week my community is in Mammoth Lakes, CA. I’m up for a short week with the wife, kids, and my parents. I was certain READ MORE →

Great work, so far…

It’s pretty exciting to see the handful of 2008 Challenge participants. Looking at the diversity and creativity each photographer is demonstrating, I am blown away at the potential for this READ MORE →

Welcome home, Ronnie!

  The USS Ronald Reagan sailed into the Santa Barbara, CA harbor this week. Santa Barbara is the adopted port for this beautiful ship, since it was the adopted home READ MORE →

February Challenge

OK sports fans, it’s time to get ready for the February Challenge. I know you’re all working hard on the 2008 Challenge, shooting your communities each week, but this is READ MORE →

December Challenge wrap up…

Most of you came here as a result of following my other two challenges back on my personal blog. For the few who didn’t, you should know that I recapped READ MORE →

Soggy Camarillo

  Today marks my first submission for the 2008 Challenge. My goal was to start off with a nice look at my hometown, Camarillo, CA, USA. However, the first week READ MORE →

2008 Challenge guidelines

I don’t really want a list of rules. The problem with that is that many would choose not to participate if they felt they couldn’t follow the rules. So, let READ MORE →

The 2008 Challenge

*****This is a reposting of the original announcement from TrevorCarpenter.com***** In October, 2007, I challenged you all to select an area or genre of photography that you wanted to learn READ MORE →